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Weiner Dog Meetup Empty Weiner Dog Meetup

Post  Candy317 on Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:07 am

I don't have any pictures of shih tzu mix Princess, because she had escaped out the park [first time at that park and the fence was bit high off the grass] so I had to tie her up for the whole meetup, otherwise she would of keep getting out. Sad

But anywho here's pics of the crew I got to photographed. Its one of those meetup.com groups I'm part of.

I also got to meet a member's dog from another dog forum at the park as well.

Pictures from the car ride home first...as a teaser Wink
Pepe With The Wind In His Fur
Weiner Dog Meetup L_e4bd5972f31e2aa306cad1786110c03b
Weiner Dog Meetup L_7e600c9cfa9b3e4ac7bd97b24320b657

Now for some weiner dogs

Pepe & Some Weiner Dogs
Weiner Dog Meetup L_33106759da54ebd0894801771679bee7
Princess @ The Meetup
Weiner Dog Meetup L_f42c80016b6839b41e7520f31b27ce5f
Princess, 'Nother Weiner Dog, & Friend
Weiner Dog Meetup L_0707f18073afb99608718a1ffef5c954
Princess With 'Nother Weiner Dog
Weiner Dog Meetup L_d318af1d91429bba1e24f8c10040efc8
Princess With Some More Weiner Dogs
Weiner Dog Meetup L_daf623148b7179fbef3d19b6e2c4af84

Valentino With The Wind In His Fur
Weiner Dog Meetup L_84098d84feab2cc21df9dc6ab5889156
Valentino With a Weiner Dog
Weiner Dog Meetup L_0b12664be86945772c202b7a6ce8515d
Valentino With 'Nother Weiner Dog
Weiner Dog Meetup L_db7f27e28c802ffcce141e6396154f00

Snickers The Puppy & Poodle Friend [dog from another dog forum]
Weiner Dog Meetup L_8dc4f34b65dba8006ea1ff6e82bb1a80
Valentino, Princess, & Friend Snickers + Poodle
Weiner Dog Meetup L_085e8c10c0b6b338d8cdac876e1bf32f
Valentino & Friend Snickers
Weiner Dog Meetup L_06f1edda416295c0c1d0d1b7c8fe49f7

Weiner Dog Invasion
Weiner Dog Meetup L_2fd6a112d6f1775afb23af67c11e651a
Weiner Dog Meetup L_4503843abd092c4c57690473ab2cec95
Weiner Dog Meetup L_78fa5e60aab104b47e9c628a39edece1
Weiner Dog Meetup L_a8e095336be57e0b1033bbc325aa2469
Weiner Dog Meetup L_f8b91549e1fbf6836541416c84043fea
Weiner Dog Meetup L_27d1414382e821d1f1860baa01d59196
Weiner Dog Meetup L_abb7a846371848733264d7273fa0ca44
Weiner Dog Meetup L_29b8de105b9dee142d8083648ccbea25
Weiner Dog Meetup L_c7d29fb22c19276b9fe0e6aef5244a1b
Weiner Dog Meetup L_cb2692cb47ac66cbeec6820affb595b6
Weiner Dog Meetup L_68f925617140e8961d4f84280100453f

Pics taken from other members...
princess meeting 'nother doxie
Weiner Dog Meetup L_b4aedd84f8b619d18faa5d39ed626fc8
the brindle doxie
Weiner Dog Meetup L_9399c8d577a7e26fc789d42ce3986274
The ''End''
Weiner Dog Meetup L_d3b0bbe00be22b2dc6b320bacb690f9d


Doxies & My Crew
Valentino Playing
Valentino, Princess, & Friend Snickers

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Weiner Dog Meetup Empty Re: Weiner Dog Meetup

Post  xdogheavenx on Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:47 pm


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