Weiner Dog Meetup

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Weiner Dog Meetup

Post  Candy317 on Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:07 am

I don't have any pictures of shih tzu mix Princess, because she had escaped out the park [first time at that park and the fence was bit high off the grass] so I had to tie her up for the whole meetup, otherwise she would of keep getting out. Sad

But anywho here's pics of the crew I got to photographed. Its one of those meetup.com groups I'm part of.

I also got to meet a member's dog from another dog forum at the park as well.

Pictures from the car ride home first...as a teaser Wink
Pepe With The Wind In His Fur


Now for some weiner dogs

Pepe & Some Weiner Dogs

Princess @ The Meetup

Princess, 'Nother Weiner Dog, & Friend

Princess With 'Nother Weiner Dog

Princess With Some More Weiner Dogs

Valentino With The Wind In His Fur

Valentino With a Weiner Dog

Valentino With 'Nother Weiner Dog

Snickers The Puppy & Poodle Friend [dog from another dog forum]

Valentino, Princess, & Friend Snickers + Poodle

Valentino & Friend Snickers

Weiner Dog Invasion

Pics taken from other members...
princess meeting 'nother doxie

the brindle doxie

The ''End''


Doxies & My Crew
Valentino Playing
Valentino, Princess, & Friend Snickers

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Re: Weiner Dog Meetup

Post  xdogheavenx on Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:47 pm


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